Employment Equity Facilitator (EEF)

About the EEF Program

Through the participation of the Employment Equity Facilitators (EEFs) in each recruitment search, Cal Poly ensures that equal employment opportunities exist for all applicants. This includes oversight of the recruitment process by the participating EEF.

A key EEF role is to ensure that recruitment committee members become familiar with the State of California Pre-Employment Inquiry Guidelines, and that these guidelines are followed with regard to questions asked of applicants. 

At the end of each recruitment, the EEF submits a written report regarding the search to the Director of the Civil Rights & Compliance Office to ensure that any problems that may have compromised the fairness of the search are reported.

Current EEFs List

Please contact the Civil Rights & Compliance Office at crco@calpoly.edu or (805) 756-6770 to obtain a list of current EEFs in your department. If a selection committee has already been formed, please contact your committee's Academic Personnel (faculty recruitment) or Human Resources (staff recruitment) representative, who will be able to verify if committee members are EEF certified.

Individuals can access their Learning Hub training transcript by clicking here to view the last time they took the EEF training or to download their certificate of completion.

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